Cool! So how does LED'S RESEARCH! work?
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Cool! How do the LED grow light solutions work? With the solutions of LEDSRESEARCH! you can do your own research on the effects of LED grow light on your crop. No longer externally, but under your own roof, with standard or customized plug-and-play tools.

Our systems are modular and therefore scalable, ranging from a set of dimmable HORTILED luminaires to a fully equipped climate cell with multi-layer cultivation, HORTILED Multi 4DIM, automatic watering system, CO2 supply, humidity and temperature system. With the Climate Interface app on the corresponding tablet you can easily organize everything yourself. It enables researchers and growers, among other things, to easily expand the systems and to conduct research into LED growth light in horticulture and vertical farming, among other things.

Plug and Play LED grow light

The plug-and-play systems are specially designed for you. To fit your needs we would like to hear your specific needs, what type of crop is involved and what which goals do you want to achieve? Based on this, we set up the systems. We provide the perfect solution and customized support. Then it's plug-and-play: you can start right away! LED'S RESEARCH! designs are of high quality and at the same time easy to use and accessible.

How can I use LED to speed up the germination process?

Which color should you use to keep your plants compact?

How many µmols of far red light do your seedlings need to improve their root quality?

How can you speed up the flowering process with LED light?

Which light recipe do you need for growing Basil without daylight?

Which LED grow light do I need for vertical or indoor farming?

Just a few questions that can be asked about LED grow light. But what do you want to know?

LED'S start with you! Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, and LED’S RESEARCH! will help you find the answers and support you along the way!

HORTILED 4DIM growth light and Climate Interface app

The core of LED'S RESEARCH! is formed by the HORTILED Multi® 4DIM luminaire with Climate Interface app. With this combination it is possible to make each light recipe in one fixture. It is possible to make adjustments per color and even per micromol. A variable spectrum during the day is also possible for specific crops. You can control the operation of the LED luminaires and the climate easily with the included Climate Interface app tablet. Thanks to the clear interface, the researcher knows at any given moment exactly how much micromol of a given color (wavelength) his crop gets and under what circumstances. Continuous measurement is no longer necessary: we have already done that measurement for you and calibrated the system accordingly.

Green Simplicity and Hortilux

All our systems are the optimal combination of the knowledge and expertise of Green Simplicity and Hortilux. Grab your tablet with the unique Climate Interface app together with the HORTILED Multi 4DIM and check and observe your plants whenever you want!

led growlight
  • led growlight