Hi, we are LED’S RESEARCH! Easy to use, plug-and-play solutions for doing LED grow light research in horticulture and vertical farming
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Do your own research!

Hortilux and Green Simplicity have joined forces to bring you easy to use but highly effective research solutions for LED grow light. LED’S RESEARCH! solutions are plug-and-play. So no more time consuming “building it yourself” with components from different suppliers. Do your own light research on your own plants under your own roof! Find the best light recipe for your plants based on your observations, for both hortilculture and indoor farming / vertical farming. Our solutions are equipped with state of the art LED technology and software. The LED’S RESEARCH! software application enables you to manage your research project at the touch of your fingertips.

Find the best Light recipe

Find the best light recipe for your plants based on your own conclusions. Our solutions are ideally suited for vertical and indoor farming and are equipped with state-of-the-art HORTILED technology and climate systems. With the LED'S RESEARCH software applications, you always have control over your research project and LED grow light!

LED grow light solutions

LED grow light has a broad spectrum of colours. By choosing the right composition of this spectrum, the growth process is promoted. Within horticulture, among others, this offers enormous opportunities to save costs and gain space. The challenge is to find the right composition of the light spectrum for your crop. We offer various LED solutions such as lighting sets, mobile light racks and a complete climate cell.

led growlight
  • led growlight